Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do you provide a service receipt?

– Yes, we provide invoices when the full job is done. It is important to present a relevant document for our work as this is one of the things that makes us more precise and professional compared to the other competitive firms on the market.

+ Is there a need of defrosting my fridge before the cleaning?

– It is advisable to defrost the fridge and freezer in advance. This will help us to finish the job on time as the defrosting surely takes long time. This is a specific procedure which needs to be done before the cleaning takes place.

+ Do you provide local services?

– We deliver local services in and around London.

+ What are your working hours?

– Our office hours during the week are from 8:30 am until 6:30 pm.. We can book appointments according your free time and whenever it is most suitable for you. If you have more questions and want to check our availability, you can easily contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

+ Does your company have insurance?

– Our company has got an insurance and in case of any accidental damage during the cleaning process you will be compensated.

+ What happens if I am not satisfied or fully- satisfied with the work you have done?

– Our aim is to deliver high quality cleaning services, therefore if the client is unhappy we are responsible to come back and re-do the work.

+ Is there a chance to book a service for the week-end, bank holidays or overnight?

– Yes, we take bookings for all of the above listed.

+ Is it possible to carry out cleaning when I am at work?

– Yes, we only need someone to provide us with access to the place, to electricity and hot water, and to make the payment at the end of the cleaning process or in advance when making the booking. It is important you evaluate the work we have done for you, so we leave you fully satisfied and happy with the job done.

+ Do you provide same-day service and does it cost any extra money?

– We do provide same-day service and there are no additional charges for it.

+ Do you require deposits? What is the process of payment?

– We do not require deposits. The client pays in cash when the job is done. The only money we can take online is in case someone wishes to pay in advance by online banking.

+ Is the price you have quoted me actually the end price I have to pay?

– This is the end price, except you require any additional services which you will have to pay in addition to the one you booked in advance.

+ How long does it take for my carpet and upholstery to dry?

– The time needed for carpets and upholstery to dry varies but it is usually around two to four hours.

+ How long does the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning take?

– We value our time and that’s why our employees do the carpet and upholstery cleaning process for around twenty minutes per room. Again, it is relative as the cleaning service depends on the condition of the space.

+ Is the cleaning of carpets and upholstery included in the end price of the service?

– The cleaning of carpets and upholstery is included in the Carpet Cleaning Service and we charge the client per room. This service is not included in the End of Tenancy Cleaning and every single carpet must be charged separately. We do offer best prices on the market and this is an offer not to miss!

+ Do we have to pay extra for oven cleaning?

– The cleaning of the oven is included in the price. There is extra charge for a second oven, second fridge or the cleaning of exterior windows, extra room, extra bathroom and toilet, balcony and blinds.

+ How long does the end of tenancy cleaning take?

– Usually, end of tenancy cleaning for one bedroom apartment takes approximately three to four hours. Our main priority is to finish the job on time, however, we stand by our high standards and attention to details. However, it is possible for a longer cleaning as the service depends on the condition of the area.

+ Is there any difference between one-off and after tenancy cleaning? If yes, what exactly it is?

– The main difference between the two services is in the time required for it. One-off cleaning takes at least three hours, whereas end of tenancy cleaning requires cleaning in depth and therefore much more time. However, everything depends on the condition of the space for cleaning. Moreover, for us it is highly important not to leave the place until the job is fully-done according to client’s requirements.

+ Is there any chance you use a landlord’s specific checklist when doing the cleaning?

– Yes, our cleaners can use landlords’ cleaning lists. We are trying to deliver high quality cleaning and that’s why we are able to adjust our services according client’s wishes.

+ Do we need to provide any detergents and cleaning materials?

– No, our cleaners have their own equipment to bring with them when doing the cleaning.

+ Are we being charged per hour or per the job that has been done?

-We charge our clients for the whole job that’s been done and we accept paying after the cleaning is over. Every service has a different price which you can check online or by contacting us. We do accept payments in advance which you can do online if you cannot be present at the day of the booked cleaning service.

+ Do we have to prepare anything specific before the arrival of your cleaners?

– There are no special requirements to our clients apart from being present at the place on the day of cleaning. We need the place to be clean of any luggage and personal belongings. If this is not the case, the guarantee is no longer valid It is important to provide our cleaners with electricity, hot water and parking if possible. It is highly recommended to unplug the fridge in advance.

+ How can you guarantee the quality of your work?

We have always worked on a high standard, with precision caution on details which allows us to guarantee for the perfection of the end result of our work. For us, first priority is the client’s wish and we follow it in order to provide best quality services.